20 February 2009

More interactive websites, courtesy of my students

I'm all about sharing free activities we've found on the internet as opposed to paying a ton of money for not-very-useful curriculum supplements. The internet worksheet project my Spanish 2 students are currently working on has taken them in some really fun directions. They've come up with stuff I don't know I ever would have thought of. I just had to take some time in class this week to play around with them.

New favorites this week:
Hotwheels Mexico -- fun games
Crayola Mexico -- it's better than their US site
Build-a-Bear US/Español -- the games are in English but it's fun to look around at the animals. And the ecards are in Spanish.

Try them out with your class and see what happens. You might think such sites are too kiddie for high schoolers, but I can't reiterate enough how much context children's material gives them, and how their success in understanding and fun with playing with things will motivate them to like it.


Diane said...

What absolutely fantastic sites! And I agree completely that high schoolers are just kids in big bodies. I'm off now to see if I can find similar sites for my French students. Gracias :-)
Di from foreignlanguagefun.com

Diane said...

btw, I'd love to hear more about your internet worksheet project. Sounds like something my students would love. Could you either post details or email me? (I apologize if you already posted & I missed it!)

La profesora Sarita said...

You might try the European cars. I was surprised to find that Porsche had a Mexico site, because most of the European car sites only have English, Italian, some French, some German. Also, a lot of the others I've mentioned certainly have French sites!

Here's a link to the post where I talk more extensively about this.

Diane said...