03 February 2009

A correction on La Frase Tonta

For my commentary on the song "La frase tonta de la semana," look here.

Sometimes the music videos I link to are a violation of copyright. Sorry 'bout that--I'm a real stickler for copyright law. Just ask my students how often I tell them I won't burn music for them and I disapprove of linewire or whatever it is they're using these days to steal music. Turns out that the video of "La frase tonta" violated copyright, and fortunately YouTube (or the copyright owner) is pretty good about finding those and pulling them. A positive note: 5a Estación's label is Sony BMG and they normally put their music videos up themselves after a certain amount of time. So keep looking--it should show up fully under Sony's rights soon.

In the meantime, here's a video of the same song, actually performed as a duet between Natalia of La 5a Estación and Alex Ubago (why don't they have more of his music on Amazon?!?!). I hope it's not a copyright violation too!

Side note: Just found out that the third member of 5a Estación split from the group, and that both Natalia and the guitarist Ángel are Spaniards, which clears something up for me. I thought they were Mexican because while accepting their Latin Grammy in 2007 Natalia said of Mexico that "ella es nuestra casa." So I couldn't understand the free variation of the 'th' pronunciation of intervocalic 's' sounds in her singing. Her Spanish roots explain the pronunciation, and her relocation to Mexico several years ago explains the free variation! Whew, a private mystery solved lol. I'm such a linguistic nerd.

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