17 February 2009

Interactive websites: practicing house/location/color vocab

If you have a way to project a webpage somewhere in your room, you've got to check out es.barbie.com. We did this in Spanish 1 today to practice house vocabulary, but you could use it for so many things. We also did the makeover part of it to practice colors. It's amazing how much they can pick up off a website just from context because they spend so much time online! Also, I have to tell you that my freshman boys were almost more involved in this than the girls. For whatever reason--because it was girls or whatever--they were calling out how her hair should be, what color eye shadow, etc. It was a lot of fun.

Remember, if we frustrate them, they'll give up, and that's the blunt truth of it.

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Tati said...

Ok, sorry for all the comments, but my girls are going to love this Barbie website. I can't wait to show it to them tomorrow! What an amazing teacher you are! I'm sure your students love you.

By the way, I noticed you were looking for books on subjunctive (but maybe I missed that post) but I love using If you Give a mousse a muffin books (si le das un panecillo a un alce). I have some other books and songs, but I will have to think of the other names later.