28 July 2009

Raimundo, the bilingual Latin American snail

Ever heard of Sorpresa TV?

It's kid shows, only in Spanish!

Among the many shows is The Wumblers, featuring Raimundo, a bilingual Latino snail. You can watch episodes online. Really, you've gotta check it out. Talk about fodder for early Spanish learners!!

Also check out the site's section of bilingual games.

14 July 2009

A song for object/refl pronoun 'te'

Fonseca is a fun singer, another Colombian (they can seriously turn out some people with rhythm, eh?) with some great songs for teaching. Of course our favorite in my class is the 'dancing firemen song' "Hace tiempo," which I blogged about here, but another one I like to use is "Te mando flores", with its more-than-acceptable video. It's a great song for teaching/practicing the d.o./i.o./reflexive pronoun te in all its applications. I count 18 uses of te without counting repeats. Also you can point out contigo and my students also learned that margarita is first a flower, not the alcoholic drink, lol.