10 February 2009

A good story for 'tiene'

Usborne books has a series of books that are good to read when practicing tiene. I bought a couple to use with my baby--one is Este no es mi osito and the other is Este no es mi dinosaurio. They're touch 'n feel board books, but they work fine in a classroom too! The things that the osito and dinosaurio have are low-frequency (some I didn't know) but the statement/reason sequence of 'este no es mi osito'/'tiene' was easy enough for my Spanish 1 students to comprehend as soon as we started tiene, and the pictures make it clear what the rest of the sentence means. My targets were no es and tiene anyway, so I didn't care if they remembered how to say "shiny spines."

Incidentally, the little mouse is in a different spot on every page, so it's perfect to practice prepositions of place. I ask, "¿Dónde está el ratoncito?" and they tell me, "Debajo de la boca del dinosaurio" or whatever. Fun times!

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Diane said...

I love using children's books to teach languages. And I still remember living in France as a university student and learning something new from a Spot book I picked up for a friend's child.

I've got the Usborne touchy-feely books at home, but in English. My boys should have outgrown them but, honestly, who can resist a touchy-feely book?

Usborne has a nice selection of books in Spanish :-)

Diane from foreignlanguagefun.com