15 February 2011

Keep singing: 189 pages of Spanish lyrics

photo by Holger Lükerath

Callie and Krista recently commented on a song post, asking for my lyrics file. So, here's another Google document for you - my lyrics file updated as of today, all 189 pages of it. Thanks Callie and Krista for getting me to put it in the cloud - that's an awful lot of file to lose if my computer crashes. :)

Broken record: Remember I teach at a private Christian school and so you'll see a lot of Alex Campos and Jesús Adrián Romero and the like. If you're a Christian teacher you'll enjoy them, and if not, you can appreciate their music and do what you like with those pages. Enjoy!


Sra. Spanglish said...

I, too, have many lyrics I could share...think there's a way we can centralize a database--without getting busted for copyright violation?

Sra Cottrell said...

As long as you give credit to the author, it's not a copyright violation, is it? And it's educational, not even personal, and certainly not commercial use. Hmmm. It's always seemed above board to me and I'm a stickler for copyright issues.

Want me to add you as an editor of the document? A quick copy/paste would do it I think.

Sra. Spanglish said...

Sign me up, Sra. Stickler!

Sra. B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sra. B said...

On my wikispace, I have a page for a session that I taught for MFLA, called Music Lights the Language Fire. Embedded on the page is my ever growing database for Spanish music. I update it once a month. I have the music categorized by singer, song, grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc. with youtube links.

Sra Cottrell said...

Fabulous, thank you!

Catherine Wright said...

I've scrolled through your amazing 189 pages of Spanish lyrics at least 8 times and El Marchena's "Con ese novio tan feo" eludes me. My 10th grade boys live for corny slapstick and would love this song. Do you have the lyrics? I can't find anything googling the lyrics.


Sra Cottrell said...

I don't have them and hadn't heard the song before. It would seem that they're not available on the internet (did I just say that?!). Want to collaborate to write them out?
Incidentally, if you want to look through individual lyric files, I've been working on separating them out. You can see the folder Sra. Spanglish and I have worked on here.

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