23 February 2011

Great resource from la Sra. Birch

photo by Jorge Mejía Peralta

Sra. Birch commented on this post adding my lyrics file to Google docs, offering a link to her awesome wiki that has a link to her spreadsheet of music. It's an amazing store of music categorized by singer, title, grammar focus, and other info, including YouTube links. It's cool enough to merit its own post, for sure. Enjoy! (And mil gracias Sra. Birch!)


Sra. Spanglish said...

Are we going to add to this instead?

(Le digo a Paolo que David Bisbal es su padre verdadero y Paolo siempre lo reconoce cuando toco su musica!)

Sra Cottrell said...

LOL - I don't have any way to add to this (where she can see it), and it doesn't have the lyrics. I do love the categorization by grammatical focus though.

Sra. B said...

Hola...otra vez. Thank you for posting my music resource and for your kind words. I am happy to share it with whomever! I think the more we share, the more we have...and I have used several of your ideas. I usually check your blog once a week, but I think I must have missed a week! If you have additional music that you would like to add, just let me know. I will add it. I update the list once a month.
I don't know whether you noticed when you checked the page, but I have several other pages for teachers, including one called "Resources by category" http://elmundodebirch.wikispaces.com/Resources+by+category
That one has a link to your blog!!

Spanish Student said...

Sra. Birch - I hope you check this! :) I have a question about the textbook series Exprésate for you - could you drop me an email? cottrellse at gmail dot com. Thanks!