13 January 2009

A Spanish 2 story test

I've been out for a while--Christmas was a whirlwind, and then I landed in the hospital for 5 days with a severe infection. The baby weathered it better than I did, but I finally feel like I'm recovering. Enough to get back to the blogosphere anyway!

In any case, here's the story test I gave my Spanish 2 students in December. It's about a boy whose brother wakes him up wailing about his lost turtle, who turns out to have been kidnapped by aliens. My students did very well with it and found it pretty fun. The question that tripped them up the most was "¿Dónde vivía Lester?" A lot of my students read it as "Where was Lester?" and they answered it "en frente de la casa." An odd question to miss, I thought, considering the frequency & familiarity of the verb vivir. Perhaps they were working too fast and just skipped the verb.

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