15 January 2009

A couple more subjunctive songs

Someone landed on my blog a little while ago by searching for good subjunctive songs, so I thought I'd post a couple more I've run across. One is the song "Todo Cambió," the title track to Camila's debut CD. That's them in the photo. The subjunctive is following the word antes for something in the future. The music video isn't one I find worth showing--seems like the woman finds out she's pregnant, has the baby, and it's pretty big by the end of the video, without understanding how the song relates. But, they performed the song on the 2007 Latin Grammy awards and that's a better video. Incidentally it's also a really good example of pronouncing the 'v' as a 'b.'
In case you're wondering, they're not nearly as rough as they look. ;o)
Also, the song No Te Pido Flores by Fanny Lu. It's awesome for subjunctive used over and over again by reason of change of subject with influence in the first verb. The official music video for this one I also don't show, because of the clothes she wears and the way she dances in the happy parts. The Colombian version is much better. You really cannot beat this song for subjunctive for influence.

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