22 January 2009

"How much is estuvo de pie?"

One of my students cracked me up this morning. I haven't laughed so hard in a while!

We were doing this story where the students were at a circus with a monito and Garfield and no estuvieron de pie. One of the students, Karyssa, was the vendedora, estuvo de pie, y vendía carne de res, jugo de piña, y "orejas de elefante." One of my students had to go to the office for a few minutes during the story, and when he got back we were catching him up on the whole vendedora idea. To help him understand, I told him that the carne de res was un dólar and the jugo de piña was dos dólares and the oreja de elefante was quince dólares.

So, of course, looking at the different things on the board, he says, "How much is the estuvo de pie?" (pronouncing pie like apple pie)

I lost it for maybe five minutes straight. Maybe you had to be there, LOL.

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