19 March 2012

Design your own final exam

This year as I contemplated my final exam for Spanish 3, I didn't want to do what they did last year, because I like the PhotoPeach reflection much better as a relaxing ending to AP Spanish. Since my most popular blog post ever is about student choice in homework, I thought, why not the final exam too?

My students are all interested in different things, and motivation is the primary key to language learning, so why not let them choose their own topic? They are all involved in different things, baseball and spring drama and final projects, so why not let them choose their own due date? Imposing technology on students doesn't usually work, so why not let them choose their own format? And that's sort of how the whole thing went.

Here's the info and plan they made for themselves. I hope it works as well as the homework options do!


Anonymous said...


M. Martinka said...

I am enamored with this idea... but as I was thinking about presenting my 3rd years with the same project, I wondered about (*sigh*) grading. How are you going about doing this?

Sra Cottrell said...

About the grading - I use a performance assessment rubric to grade all my assessments (they're all performance-based). As for time, that's part of the beauty of letting them choose their due dates - they spread themselves out from Apr 24 - May 18, and no one chose the final exam day. So I have them spread out fairly well and the bulk of final exam week to grade them as well. :)

M. Martinka said...

Wow. Awesome rubric! I'm going to present this to my students for their final, and hopefully no one will pick final exam week as well :)

Sra Cottrell said...

First one turned in yesterday - a student who wants to be a teacher did a Photopeach on education in Spain.


Unknown said...

¡Increible! Thank you so much. My Spa IV will love it.
God bless you for sharing and being so dedicated!. You are not only making a difference in your students, but making a difference in the way we Language Teachers teach as well.
Thanks again