21 August 2011

Got the rubric!

After making my first new assessment description, I've finished the performance assessment rubric. It took a long time to make but hopefully it will be adopted for every assessment from 6-12 grades at my school. Again, I stole most of it from the great people at @JCPSWorldLang (with a special shout-out to @tmsaue1 for all the sharing they do over there). They got it all on one page, but I wasn't willing to put my text that small, or my document-creating abilities just aren't up to par. ;-) Thoughts?


Thomas Sauer said...

I can send you the original word file to adapt for your needs if you like.

Sra Cottrell said...

Ha! Probably should've occurred to me. I think I got everything I wanted but it would be helpful to have it to get the proficiency levels graphic at the top- I just couldn't get the arrows evenly distributed.