05 December 2008

¡Nueva música!

I bought some new songs yesterday, and mostly they're really good:

Abrázame by Camila
No me hagas sufrir by Manny Manuel
La copa de la vida by Ricky Martin
Aguita de tu boca by Amaury Gutierrez
No creo en el jamás by Juanes
Pasos de gigantes by Bacilos
La frase tonta de la semana by La 5a Estación
Me enamora by Juanes.

That last one I don't really like that much, but I have a student who really likes it, and it won a couple of Latin Grammys, including best short video. I'm more a fan of Juanes's humanitarian work than his voice, but I bought it for my kids.

Just thought I'd share my new tunes. :)

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