05 December 2008

A fantastic blog post

One of my best Spanish 3 students --he or another girl will probably win the department Spanish award this year-- forgot to post his blog this week, and so he wrote it in class today and turned it in for me to post for him. It's a late grade of course, but wow--I watched him write it in a matter of minutes without the benefit of ANY book/dictionary/vocab/etc. help. It was an encouraging moment of the day.

Yo olvidé mi blog esa semana. Lo siento. Esa semana ha sido loca. Yo tengo muchos proyectos en muchas clases, pero esta no es una excusa. En sabado, boy a tocar el piano a la fiesta de Navidad de los profesores. Yo he practicado para lo para muchas semanas. Adios, Cristián.

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