27 June 2012

Goodbye Blogspot, Hello musicuentos.com

And... LAUNCH!
Here we go! Very soon, visiting this site will redirect you to the brand new home of Musicuentos, musicuentos.com.
After four years of blogging with blogspot, why the move?  Well, for one thing, it was just time for a change, and I’d been thinking about and talking about how to change and improve my blog for a while.  For a few more reasons, I have been doing some consulting work for a small elementary Spanish curriculum publisher, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the flexibility and opportunity that has been.  Then, I got an email question about a blog post and the author asked me if I did any teacher training or consulting, and suggested that I should.  And I thought, you know, I do this for fun so much anyway, why not?
It’s true, I have long been passionate about helping teachers pursue student proficiency through innovative curriculum and methodology, but not passionate enough to leave or take away from my classroom to do it.  My recent consulting work piqued my interest in doing both.  And so, I wanted to combine my blog with a website offering that type of service.
Enter my husband, computer programmer by day, and lately, computer programmer by late, late night as he has been working on one of the most amazing birthday presents I’ve received – this website.  Almost everything you see except the text is the fruit of his love for me.  Thank you, Joshua, and I love you to the moon and back.
Explore, send me suggestions, comment wherever, and as always, keep learning and keep sharing.


Unknown said...

Very awesome! If I may ask, how does one break into the consulting biz?

Sra Cottrell said...

Well, I'm not sure - I'll let you know. :) All the conference work I've done has been by proposal (unpaid of course) and the consulting work I've been doing/ been asked to do has just been through blogging and befriending other professionals on Twitter. You'd recognize the names of the people I'm working with. We'll see if I can get it to go beyond that - but my goal this year is to do 1 consultation. Baby steps, right?

Unknown said...

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