27 January 2012

Not going to ACTFL again, but for the best reason ever

Last year I didn't go to ACTFL because my proposal wasn't accepted and I didn't get to score AP exams to be able to fund the trip.
This year I knew I wasn't even going to try to go, but the reason is much happier. I'll let Zoe tell you:
So, here we go again! :)
The general malaise has lasted a lot longer this time and my blog and my grading have taken the hit for that. I'm feeling pretty good most days now so I hope to pick it up before I drop off the blogosphere again to take care of the new little one (due June 14). But I have a lot of drafts sitting on my dashboard of ideas for upcoming blog posts.
Exciting times for us!


Pilar Munday said...

¡Felicidades! ¡Qué buenas noticias! Y esa fecha es estupenda para tener un bebé, con todo el verano por delante.
Un abrazo enorme.

Señora Hitz said...

I agree with Pilar, June is an excellent time to have a baby. Best wishes.