27 September 2011

Spanish 3 assessment documents

Sometimes I feel like I'm reinventing myself every year. Do you ever look back on something you did and think, "Why on earth did I do it that way? What a bad idea! Here we go again." I feel like I do that every year! So even though I completely redesigned my Spanish 3 class last year, this past summer I attended a week-long workshop on using proficiency-based assessments, and here I am again, reinventing Spanish 3.

I give all the credit in the world to @tmsaue1 and the @JCPSWorldLang teachers who welcomed me into their learning community and inspired me to work on authentic, proficiency-based, standards-based assessments. You can view their documents here.

In the spirit of open source I also try to make everything I do available. Here are my Spanish 3 assessment documents, and the rubric I use to "grade" them (you'll notice there's no place for an actual grade). Feel free to comment here with your email if you want an editable version--they looked terrible in Google Docs as Word documents.


Señor Daves said...

I would love to have editable versions! Thanks for sharing! @senordaves

Señorita Ruddick said...

I also reinvent every year--we pay the price for perfectionism, but our students benefit... I hope. I think your tasks and your rubrics look great. I am trying to have this same conversation in my district. @katchiringa

Señora Hitz said...

Could you send the editable versions my way too? I relate with you in feeling like I'm continuously reinventing my classes, activities, and curriculum. But as Srta. Ruddick said, our students benefit, and... other teachers and their students benefit, when educators like you share your work and inspirations. THANK YOU so much!

turbeng said...

Soy don Gerardo de Suecia! Bienvenido a mi blog/podcast en:

Sra Cottrell said...

If you give me your email addresses I'll send them forthwith! :)

Emilie said...

Would love editable versions. :) My email is emiliedelrisco@calvaryknights.com . Thank you!

Sra. Jacobs said...

These look great! Thanks for sharing. I agree, that I am constantly reinventing my teaching and/or lessons trying to improve.
I like the set up of these units, it is MUCH better than what my district has. I would like to share these with my department and possibly try them out! Could I, too, have the editable versions? My email is kjacobs147@gmail.com Thanks for being an exemplar and up-to-date educator! :)

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