06 July 2011

A song made for early Spanish 1

Last week Luis Fonsi's new album Tierra Firme came out - and it's good. It's worth the whole download, I promise. The Deluxe version came with the video for Gritar, as well as acoustic and ranchero versions of that fabulous song.

As I was listening, this song called "Me gustas tú" came on. The more I listened the more I thought, Seriously, did Fonsi write this song for the beginning units for Spanish 1? It's a gem for any unit on expressing likes/dislikes. Here's hoping a good video comes out for it, too.


MmBex said...

Love this song! I have been searching for your email address, because I have a question I'd like to ask but not post on the blog. Would you mind to email me? bex_martina@asdk12.org or direct me to where i can find your contact info? Thanks!

Alike said...


I made a Dutch TPRS blog "Alike in TPRS Wonderland". Next week I'll post there about the NTPRS ; I put a link to your blog on my blog. It would be nice if you'll make a link to my blog as well (allthough it's in Dutch) : http://alikestprsblog.wordpress.com/

BTW, will you be an the National? If yes, it would be nice to meet!

Best wishes, Alike Last

elana k said...

I have just recently discovered your blog and tons of helpful information and genius activities to incorporate in my classroom, so thank you!

I also just discovered a wonderful new site called Spotify that lets you (legally) access more than 15 million audio tracks, from any computer, for free. So far it seems fabulous and I thought of your site! Check it out: http://www.spotify.com/us/hello-america/fb_comb/

suz1969 said...

I like Manu Chao's "Me gustas tu" much better, even though one line mentions marijauna. Check it out: http://youtu.be/v2oIqlEkX5s

Sra Cottrell said...

I have heard the Chao song, but I find it musically too repetitive. I also can't play it because of the marijuana thing, and my students love Luis Fonsi so much this song just really caught my attention. I'm glad the Chao song is helpful for you though! It is a good alternative.

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