19 April 2011

The myths aren't going to ACTFL

photo by azmichelle

I meant to post this two weeks ago when I got the news but forgot. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages did not accept my proposal for "Dismantling the Myths that Prevent Proficiency."

I'll still continue to blog about them, though-- I'll probably reach a wider audience that way anyway. Besides, I also didn't get invited to score AP exams, which is how I was intending to pay for the ACTFL trip.

Silver linings, eh?


Thomas said...

No worries. I got two rejection as well. It's too bad, as I thought your session is an important one to hear. I have my own theories about the rejections, but won't post them here.

Looking forward to continue reading about your thoughts.

tracie said...

Keep posting them please!! For people like me who's districts are so broke they are taking money out of our checks each month attending any conference is impossible so this is all I can get! Thank you so much for helping and guiding me through the positive changes I've introduced and will continue to introduce! This site has changed the way I look at my job.