23 May 2011

Combat the 'este tiempo' monster

photo by Xiang Xi

I don't know about you, but my students even in their third and fourth years will slip into phases where they keep saying or writing 'este tiempo' instead of 'esta vez.' Or, un otro tiempo or más tiempos or el último tiempo. Here are a couple of songs to combat that monster.

The first is "Por esta vez" by Belanova, which obviously has it in the title, and so twice in the chorus, and so many repetitions throughout the song.

Another is Irreemplazable by Beyonce with 3 repetitions of 'esta vez.'

Also you have Noviembre sin ti by Reik with 4 repetitions of 'otra vez' and Fotografía por Juanes ft. Nelly Furtado with quite a bit of 'cada vez.'



Amity said...

Me gusta esta vez por julieta venegas :)

Whitney Reno said...

David Bisbal's "Como la primera vez" is good too. That's how I always remembered it.