15 September 2010

Prompts with Power: Dating in high school

This is a writing or speaking prompt I'm making available as a follow-up to my upcoming presentation called "Prompts with Power." Prezi coming soon.

The prompt is:
¿Deben los jóvenes salir con novios en el colegio?

My favorite audio source for this (you have to watch both to get the full drama):

And the print source is an article from EPA.

Another possible audio source (but I didn't want them both to be about pregnancy, etc. and the Patito Feo is a good glimpse of the manipulation that can come from immature relationships):


Newton Profesora said...

I hope I can find a way to squeeze this into my Spanish 2 class! Do you think I could adapt it for that level? I need prompts more like this than the future/college-oriented ones I've been trying to pull off.

Sra Cottrell said...

Yeah, definitely--you can adapt them to Spanish 1. I'm about to post an example of prompts for levels 1-4. The key to lowering the level is to focus what you want them to hear on the audio and replay and replay it, perhaps with a cloze script. So on the audio I want them to hear the three reasons he's dating her, and the request to keep it a secret (they should be able to get 'secreto' and you can give the vocab word 'odia' w/o English even, by saying it's the opposite of 'ama'-they usually know that one. And on the print source focus on a few key sentences and point them out. Overachievers will do more, and that's great, but everyone can get something from authentic sources.

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