12 August 2010

First 14 days of Spanish 1

A couple of posts down Jen asked if I had lessons to go along with the Spanish 1 scope and sequence and vocabulary list.

I do! A few, anyway, and at least you can see how I organize and move through Musicuentos. Here are the first 14 days of Spanish 1, in fairly good detail.



Newton Profesora said...

You truly are my hero.

I have been all flustered about not being able to find authentic texts "appropriate for the linguistic development level" of Spanish I, thinking that was the only way to go.

I would very much like to try your plans, so let me be sure I've got this straight. When you say we're going to draw, does everyone draw their own, including you?

I cannot say it enough: you are the kind of Spanish teacher I want to be!

Sra Cottrell said...

Wow, thank you so much!

Yes, every student draws and labels their own pictures through the whole year (in Spanish 1 the penguin and Garfield are their consistent characters). Composition notebooks and colored pencils were required supplies for my Spanish 1 & 2 classes. And I drew mine on the whiteboard. Drawing is a very low-risk form of production so it keeps the affective filter down even in shy students, and best of all, it doesn't involve English.

I'm actually doing a conference presentation in September on writing prompts from authentic reading and listening materials at all levels so keep an eye out for that presentation and materials. Thanks again for your so flattering comment!

Another note: I'm experimenting now with using a Wacom pen/touch tablet ($100) and Adobe Illustrator (a campus license at my school) to be able to tell the stories on my computer while facing my students, with the capability of screencasting and printing them for students who were absent. So much out there to learn and have fun with!!

Jennifer Maughan said...

Thank you! The scope is missing day 11 and 12 though :) it is enough to help get a start though. thanks!

Newton Profesora said...

As I try and plan using your ideas, questions keep popping up:

1) Is there a reason that the penguin is a penguin and Garfield is Garfield? Could one have a dinosaurio or a camello?

2) Is there a reason that Jeffrey has an English name?

3) Is there a reason Jeffrey is from Mars? Could he, perhaps, be from Canada?

4) Are your classes everyday, 50 minutes or so?

Sarita said...

Sorry- I didn't see these comments until just now, don't know why they didn't come to my email! Thanks Jen for pointing out the missing days.

Yes, my classes are every day for 50 minutes (and we have a shorter class on Wednesdays).

Absolutely, make the stories your own. The reason he's a penguin, I suppose, is that the word is similar in Spanish, so dinosaurio and camello are perfect too. And his name doesn't matter and Garfield doesn't matter (maybe it was because I had a stuffed Garfield too? also I chalked magnetic visuals to put on my board, so that could be why). He's from Mars because I found that 2 things are important to hold student's attention in stories. One is very odd details - a snake in the bathroom, or the penguin from Mars, or the answer being the exact opposite of what's expected. Another is having at least one student being a part of every story--any the student is always cooler/prettier/more talented than any other character. So Garfield's meeting Jeffrey at the circus, and they run into Shelby R. who, as it turns out, can juggle faster than a clown while eating cotton candy.

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