03 April 2010

Authentic audio with future tense

I found a recent broadcast from Radio ONU (incidentally a great source for AP Spanish audio) that uses several verbs in the future tense because it's about a future meeting of a group discussing what they want to do about the H1N1 virus.  Current event + grammar = :o)

My favorite thing to do with these is to print the script (which is what the link will take you to), black out the target features (whether verbs or vocabulary or whatever) and copy the script, and then play the audio several times and use it as a type of cloze quiz.  I combined this with a few other future activities (a song and 2 news articles) so they were finding a total of 22 verbs, but 2 of the verbs in this audio (reunir and evaluar) they're not terribly familiar with, so I made the quiz grade worth 20 pts.  The highest grade I got was 20/20, and I only got 1 of those out of 13 students.  My lowest was 17/20, just to give you an idea.


Elaine said...

great blog! I've added you to my blog roll.

ashley said...

hey there!
i listen to this band, Lori Meyers from Spain, all the time and this song is a great using future tense (various subjects, as well!).
Couldn't find the studio version on video, so live will have to do :)

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