23 November 2009

Share with your students the 1st winner of Viva el sueño

What teenager doesn't like American Idol? The Latin version of American Idol is Viva el Sueño, broadcast on Univisión and just ending its first season. Here's a great video to share with your students of the winner, Ana Isabelle. Spanish 1 students can understand whom she's thanking, and who each speaker is based on the titles at the bottom, and beyond that there's a lot of great verb switching, vocabulary, communicative tools like "bien (adj)" and "no se crean." Very high-interest, lots of accents and great language!

Here's the video of her victory song:

And of course I have to post Luis Fonsi singing "Llueve por dentro" on the finale:


Catherine Wright said...

Sort of along the same line as Viva el sueño, have you seen this clip of the Chilean impersonation show?

And then there's the follow up HERE

Sra Cottrell said...

I did see some of the stuff about Shakiro through Univisión - like when they met - funny stuff!!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - it looks like you're having a lot of communicative fun over there in the Philippines; I added you to my sidebar!

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