06 April 2009

A brilliant pair of songs contrasting por/para

In Spanish 3 these days we're looking at the por/para contrasts and for this I like to use two songs that nicely illustrate this unique difference.

The first is Solo por ti by Josh Groban. Yes, some students won't like it because he is a classical singer, but it's a beautiful song. Incidentally, also an excellent illustration of conditional tense, both normal and irregular. It's only available on sappy photo shows on YouTube, but you can listen to it for free at imeem.

The second song is Solo para ti by Camila. What could be better than two songs, exact same title except for the por/para switch? Perfect! Careful with the video, though--there are serious issues w/it (brief thong shot, sadomasochism, & sex scene). Play the song, skip the video. :)

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Sra. B said...

I was looking through your site because I'm doing por/para this week, and I knew you had some good suggestions. Wanted to let you know that there is a different video by Camila, same song, no problems with the video:
Thanks for the 2 song suggestions!
Also going to use Tú no eres para mí (Fanny Lu), Es Por Ti (Juanes) and Por Ti (El Canto de Loco)....or at least, parts of them.

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