09 March 2009

A shout out for Jacob & Joshua

I've been pretty sketchy lately in all areas, trying to be 7 months pregnant and teach full-time and be a good wife etc. So the blog has dropped a bit off the radar but I wanted to come on and post a few quick updates. One is the story test below. Another is to give serious props to one of my sophomores, Jacob, for creating my very cool logo for me and to my husband, who sized & colored it and put it in the blog. THANKS GUYS!


Diane said...

7 months pregnant!? Congrats :-)

With my first, I taught up until the bitter end. Literally drove straight from my 4th hour class to the hospital! Hope you're feeling well.

La profesora Sarita said...

Thanks! I'm not sure how long I'm going to make it--I'm pretty worn out already--but I hope to make it to the end. I'm due the Wednesday of finals week (gulp).