13 November 2008

At the ACSI conference in Dayton

Attending conferences where other teachers share what's working for them is always exciting and enriching, right? Today and tomorrow I'm in Dayton at the regional conference of the Association of Christian Schools International (incidentally, the first organization I'm approaching about publishing the Musicuentos curriculum). Tomorrow afternoon I'm giving a presentation on the moral choices teachers have to make when offering authentic foreign media to our students. As part of the presentation, I'm offering a brand new updated chart of my media list--available to you tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can have a sneak peek at the presentation. My slides are below, also available as a public document here.

I welcome comments, but please keep in mind that my approach with this presentation is to be aware that I'm speaking to a wide spectrum of opinions. When I call something a moral issue, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm against it or that I don't show or play a certain media item because of that issue. I know that some people would look at what I do and say, "What?! She plays that in her classroom?!?!" and other people would look at it and say, "What a stupid reason not to play/show something!" I simply wanted to address anything anyone might possibly have an issue with, in order to spur discussion of the topic at hand. Thanks for looking and contemplating these tough questions with me!

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Allison said...

¡¡Muchas Gracias....for your presentation here in Dayton!! Can't wait to talk to you again soon!!

~Allison Stolar