02 October 2008

My media list

I'm working on a media list to share with teachers, specifically for the ACSI regional conference in Dayton next month. You're welcome to view it here.

I teach at a private Christian academy, and my audience at the conference will be other teachers in similar situations, so I have a separate column specifically for moral issues in the songs/videos. Because I know that some people are less tolerant or more tolerant than I am of certain content, I try to go overboard in finding any objection anyone might have in the song. So, just because I put something in that column doesn't mean I wouldn't show/play the video/song for that reason. Sometimes it does (and that will be obvious--no one should show the video for Pingüinos en la cama, in my opinion), but usually it just means I want to give anyone who might be offended a heads-up about the content.

Oh, and an asterisk on "Target features" means that those are the dominant features I use the song to teach.

I'll update it as frequently as I can so keep checking!

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